Welcome to Free Free NFT

Free Free NFT has the mission of promoting women and girls emotional, physical and financial freedom. That’s because no girl or woman deserves to live in a world of abuse. We believe in the power of community to create this possible, real and exponential change.

Fashion and art are the portal for an emotional and spiritual catharsis. We are creators, artists and inventors who love innovating and believe in freedom. The NFT world is about freedom. With our NFT, we want to be able to make change in the real world while creating a new reality for women and girls in the metaverse.

Inside of every woman, every girl, you can hear a roar. What is your power animal? It's time to step up to that power and support other women and girls to do the same.

Our Genisis collection is a membership. You can become an honor member and invest in the freedom of girls and women. It’s time to take the lead and be the change you want in the world.

As a member you will:

  • Inspire and support more women to become free
  • Be part of freedom and empowerment movement for girls and women
  • Commit to women’s freedom and the values of Free Free
  • Join a community of changemakers defending women’s freedom
  • Be the voice of women’s freedom in your local area and the world

The annual membership fee is of minimal €10.000.


We believe in the power of the NFT community to make women free in the real world and everywhere.

The sales will support the Free Free’s NGO programs to promote physical, emotional and financial freedom to women and girls around the world.


  • We believe that when women are free, countries are less corrupt, unstable and violent
  • We believe that when women are free, girls and boys have more access to education, health and conditions to break the poverty cycle
  • We believe that when women are free, we can reach equilibrium in a healthier and prosperous environment for all living beings
  • We believe that high rates of education, employment and economic growth for women equals low rates of teenage pregnancy, domestic violence, crime, corruption, instability, and poverty
  • We believe that when women are free, everyone lives in a better world

267.6 years

is the expected time to close the gap of Economic Participation and Opportunity

145.5 years

to attain gender parity in politics

Violence can lead to depression, post-traumatic stress

and other anxiety disorders. Women who have experienced intimate partner violence were almost twice as likely to experience depression.

Font: World Economic Forum and World Health Organization (WHO)

The Team

Yasmine McDougall Sterea

CEO and Founder

Mother of Violeta Lua, daughter of Lillian Rose. Yasmine is FREE by nature and resilience. Courageous. Former law student and ballerina. Creative Director and Business Woman who holds a master’s degree in fashion from the Italian Istituto Marangoni in London. She worked 11 years at Vogue as editor and creative director, and has done over 30 covers with names such as Rihanna, Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian between London, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and New York. In 2018 Yasmine founded Free Free after her daughter’s birth and in honor of her mother’s memory, who passed away after a life of abuse. Yasmine’s mission today is with the sacred feminine. She dreams of a world where women and girls are free to be who they are and want to be. She dreams of a world of equilibrium to all living beings. She believes that art is the portal to your soul.

Yasmine has graduated in Social Justice at Harvard, is an advocate for women and girl’s freedom, author of the book I Decide to be Myself, and CEO of Free Free, a decentralized organization that has directly impacted over 16 thousand girls and women and 30 million people indirectly.

In 2021 she was named one of the entrepreneurs to follow by FORBES and in 2020 she won the Woman of the Year award by Glamour for her performance and social transformation through Free Free.

Want to collaborate with us?

Free Free collaborates with and supports emerging artists from around the globe. If you’re an artist, nonprofit or brand looking to collaborate, reach out to us at info@freefree.art